Interenational Women's Assistance (IWA) Centre

Assistance for foreign women in Estonia CALL 15333
Mondays 10-15 o'clock.
What is IWA?

IWA provides assistance to foreign women who have come to study, work or
for familial relations in Estonia.

The IWA Centre offers contemporary social, cultural, educational and
informational services to women with different cultural and social backgrounds
living in Estonia.
IWA Centre's activities facilitate the social, political and economic inclusion of
women who have come to Estonia, and help with their adjustment into the
Estonian society.
IWA Centre's focus is on the transition of foreign women into Estonia's cultural
and legal environment, the working world and the acquisition of the Estonian
IWA Centre's broader aim is to protect women against all forms of violence, to
prevent violence against women, to assist with the elimination of all forms of
discrimination against women, and to advance international cooperation for the
elimination of violence against women and domestic violence.
IWA Centre's services

  1. Helpline 15333 is manned one day per week from 10 to 15 o'clock. Helpline 15333 offers basic information in English, Finnish, Russian and in German, if needed.
  2. IWA Centre coordinates the activities of contact individuals and the volunteers. The Centre trains contact individuals who provide anonymous and confidential support to women adjusting to the Estonian cultural space.

The contact individuals are from different cultural and language backgrounds.